Majority of People Living in the USA Are Open to Foreigners

Most people living in America view immigration to their country as “essential to who we are as a nation.” The Pew Research Center administered a survey and found almost 70 percent say the United States’ openness to newcomers is a defining characteristic of the country, while only 26 percent say, “if America is too open to people from all over the world, we risk losing our identity as a nation.” When considering relocating to the U.S. to live the American Dream, contact GCLEXPERTS for help with the process. Their team will walk you through each step of the Green Card Lottery application procedure.

The view that welcoming people from all around the world is essential is shared across most demographic groups. Younger people and Democrats seem to be more open as a whole than Republicans. Eight out of ten adults below the age of 30 are firm believers in immigrants being able to come to the USA. There are slight differences between racial and ethnic groups on the subject. Similarly, educational groups hold almost the same viewpoint that it is fundamental to who we are as a nation to allow newcomers to relocate to the U.S. A different survey from earlier in the year found the majority of those living in America see the nation’s ethnic and racial diversity in a positive light. To relocate to this welcoming nation and begin a new life, contact Green Card Lottery Experts for help with the U.S. immigration process. They will make sure your applications are filed correctly.

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