9 Best November Vacation Spots in the US

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9 Best November Vacation Spots in the US

Thanksgiving is the first thing most people think about when talking about November. However, it is also a time for a long getaway weekend with friends or family. November sits between the warm and cold months for many destinations around the United States.

Thinner crowds, less-expensive flights, and cheaper accommodations are key benefits to traveling during the fall month. The US and North America have settled into fall, temperatures have cooled, but winter hasn’t shown up yet, so you will most likely find agreeable weather.

A top destination for November is Savannah, Georgia. This coastal city is a special vacation spot all year round, but without the humidity of the summer it is much more comfortable. Green Card Lottery Experts will help you understand the immigration process and answer any questions you may have. Contact them today!

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Scottsdale, Arizona, is a beautiful place to visit in November. You will be able to find a seat at restaurants without a lot of waits, since the region hasn’t begun the peak season. The weather is nice in the day and cool enough for a jacket or sweater in the evening. The city is far enough outside of the Phoenix metropolis to allow you to feel like you are on a vacation.

Park City, Utah, is a premier ski destination, but visiting in November will allow you to avoid the skiing crowds who come later in the season. Green Card Lottery Experts will explain the process of immigration to the US. Contact them!

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