Top Cities Where People Are Moving for Work in the USA

The job market in America is heating up, and many people are relocating for the perfect job opportunity. Glassdoor, a career website, reported about 25 percent of job applications received were for job openings outside the seeker’s metro area. The chief economist for Glassdoor, Andrew Chamberlain, said, “What we find is that the big move-out cities are often smaller metros that are close by another metro that is booming with many job openings.” With such a “hot” labor market in the U.S., now is the time to consider relocating for a good opportunity. GCLExperts has a team of professionals who will help you and your family apply for the Green Card Lottery so that you can immigrate as soon as possible.

The top city where workers are moving for work is San Francisco. The city is the commercial, cultural, and financial center of Northern California. New York City ranks right behind San Francisco for the city where people are relocating for a job opportunity. The third-place city is San Jose, California, an hour south of San Francisco, where there are close to 50,000 job positions posted on Indeed. Washington, D.C. comes in fourth place and Boston, Massachusetts is fifth on the list. Two Texas towns make the list, Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin. Both have seen an increase in move-ins for job opportunities. The GCLExperts assists with application to the Green Card Lottery. They can even submit your application for you and make it easy to update your application as needed. Contact them today!

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