3 Main Benefits of GCLExperts

Benefits of GCLExperts

The United States is a land of opportunity for those born there and the thousands of people from around the world who immigrate to the USA each year through the Green Card Lottery program.


With a Green Card, a US permanent resident can live in the USA long-term, work legally, and enjoy opportunities to open a business, buy a home, and have access to educational programs. After they live in America for five years and meet all of the criteria, Green Card holders also have the option to apply for US citizenship.

Although people can apply for the Green Card Lottery by themselves on the US governmental website for free, thousands of foreign nationals prefer to have GCLExperts help them throughout the procedure. Below, are just three of the main benefits that clients of GCLExperts can receive.

First, GCLExperts guarantees participation in the US Green Card Lottery by making sure each client’s application and photo(s) meet the strict governmental requirements before submission to the Lottery during the annual registration period.

Since GCLExperts stay up-to-date with the Lottery regulations and have many years of experience, they can help clients avoid common mistakes that disqualify many people who apply on their own.

Second, GCLExperts makes it easy for clients to update their applications and photos and offers convenient multiple-year submissions to the Green Card Lottery. While some people are fortunate enough to be selected as winners of the Green Card Lottery the first year they apply, most applicants have to participate two or more years before they are randomly chosen.


With its user-friendly online application form, GCLExperts makes it simple for clients to keep their applications and photos current so they can be correctly submitted to the Green Card Lottery year after year.

Third, GCLExperts promptly contacts its clients who are selected as winners of the Green Card Lottery so they can take the next steps to immigrate to the USA.

This is important because there are only 50,000 Diversity Visas available for the approximately 100,000 people selected as winners of the Green Card Lottery each year.

Only those who complete the Consular Interview procedure successfully and are granted a Diversity Visa will be authorized to immigrate to the USA through the Green Card Lottery program.

Therefore, if you want to participate in the Green Card Lottery for a chance to live in America, contact GreenCardLotteryExperts today!

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