U.S. Entrepreneurs Are Often Immigrants

Businessman standing with arms crossed in office

It takes a lot of courage to leave the country of your birth and begin a new life in another place. This willingness to take risks is probably one of the reasons why immigrants to the United States are more likely to start businesses than those born in the USA. There are many risks involved in leaving your home country – lack of a support system, unknowns about the future, responsibilities to take care of yourself and your family.

Businessman standing with arms crossed in office

However, many immigrants to the U.S. step out in order to improve their lives and take advantage of new opportunities. It is equally risky to start a new business.

It takes a lot of resources such as time and money to begin a new firm, and yet, nearly one-third of all new businesses in America were started by entrepreneurs who were born outside of the United States. These business people have played a huge role in growing the U.S. economy and creating new employment opportunities.

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