110,000 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Make Chicago Home



Eduardo Rodriguez, a native of Mexico, came to Chicago in 1966 and has been a United States citizen for 25 years. He began a thriving sweets business, Dulcelandia, that now has four locations in the city. His daughter, Eve Rodriguez Montoya, has followed in his footsteps, and she has launched Yogolandia, selling healthy frozen yogurts. These are only two of the many immigrant success stories in the United States. Your own success story is possible. Contact GCLExperts today for information on how to begin.

The Kauffman Foundation recently reported immigrants began almost one-third of all new business ventures and are twice as likely to start their own company compared to native-born Americans. In Chicago alone, 110,000 immigrants have begun their own companies and opened many new job opportunities within the United States. To relocate and work in America, apply for the Green Card Lottery by contacting GCL Experts. They will assist you in the application process.

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