255,000 New Jobs Added in the USA

Jobs in USA

Employers in the United States hired 255,000 people in July of 2016. This is a sign of encouraging growth during a time when the global economy has been rather sluggish. GCL Experts is ready to help foreign nationals who want to be a part of this US job growth.

11529235_mThe unemployment rate in the USA was a low 4.9% in July 2016, according to the U.S. Labor Department’s most recent monthly report.

This is indicative that employers in the United States aren’t very concerned about the vote in June of 2016 in Britain to leave the European Union.

In fact, this increase in hiring could result in a further stimulation of the economy, meaning that people will be helping the economy through their increased spending.

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Once accepted into the United States, foreign immigrants are permitted to live and work in the country and take advantage of this increase in work and pay.

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